Heat Stop® Refractory Mortar was developed by Robert A. Rucker in the mid-1970’s. Mr. Rucker found that mortars used for fireplace and chimney construction were not high-temperature resistant, were not acid resistant, or were water soluble. Armed with technology from the U.S. industrial refractories industry and determined to succeed, he developed a formulation with the appropriate characteristics that addressed these problems. U.S. and Canadian patents were awarded. Over the years, several additional mortar products were developed and existing products were improved. Today, Heat Stop Refractory Mortar is the industry standard throughout North America for mortar used in high temperature resistant masonry construction.

Mr. Rucker is highly regarded in the masonry industry. He continues to promote quality, firesafe masonry installations built in accordance with the proper construction material standards, building codes, architectural specifications, and installation methods. He has authored Refractory Mortar for Masonry Fireplace and Chimney Construction and Tek Spec #3.5 Recommended Practices for Masonry Fireplace and Chimney Construction for the New York State Concrete Masonry Association. Both are highly recognized articles, often referred to by those involved in the planning, specifying, and construction of masonry fireplaces, ovens, and chimneys.

In 2017, Mr. Rucker entered an agreement with Superior Clay Corporation to transfer ownership and operations of Heat Stop products. Mr. Rucker remains a trusted advisor and active consultant for the newly formed Heat Stop, LLC.

Mr. Rucker resides with his family in Orchard Park, NY.